About Us

Woodstock Beer Bar is dedicated on developing the beer and rock & roll culture in Skopje,
Macedonia. We saw the market gap for quality beer, food, rock & roll and we were more than willing to
fill it. We exists for all of You who like the job done properly; For all of You that know that the most
important things are usually simple, but hard to achieve; For all of You who value the time and effort
and do not accept compromises in quality. Cheers!

Our main import partner is Lobkowicz Group A.S. A group of seven regional breweries with seven
beer brands which story dates back seven centuries ago in 1298. Their main focus is on diversity and
quality. The diversity is evident with the 60+ different types of beer, while the quality is out of this
world. Time is the most important component in the traditional process and technologies that they
abide by. They don’t speed things up, they are patient and it pays off. The use of highest quality water,
malt, hops and their own brewer’s yeast with no chemical additives in the traditional brewing process of
double decocting boiling – mashing; open fermentation; and traditional lagering cellars; is what sets
them apart from the all present commercial brewing.

On the other hand is our craft partner with the coolest designs imaginable – MONYO Brewing Budapest.
One of Hungary's first new-wave breweries, it was founded in 2014 with the aim of creating craft beer
2.0. If you are fed up with large-scale lager type of beers they will surely change the way you think of
beer. You will not find dozens of boring or mass produced items. Each of their beers has a characteristic
feature and a history, that they create with care and precise professional knowledge, to fill your glass
with the best possible quality. From the most prestigious festivals in Europe, from Spain to Russia, and
back, winning numerous awards for their beers in foreign and domestic competitions, they surely set
the standards for craft brewing in Europe. Humor and craziness are not far behind, but if they have to,
they make a stand for serious topics and values ​they think are important.
The goal of MONYO Brewing is to provide a complex experience for both consumers and manufacturers.
It’s a fair and credible brand in the marketplace that thinks innovatively and always stands for quality,
humor and creativity.
„We take brewing seriously, everything else is fun.”

Draft Beer

Might look simple, but drafts are a complicated thing, so yeah, we put a great emphasis on our drafting
systems and maintenance. Operating on professional draft systems we guarantee the highest quality
and best pour in town.

Drafting System

Having a professional drafting system don’t mean a thing if you don’t maintain it properly. Deep
cleaning with professional cleaning detergents is a must once-a-week, but more important is the daily
flushing of all the drafting pipes once the orders stop. This way we guarantee a straight-from-the-keg
fresh pour if you are the first order of the day.

Pressure Gas

Pressure gas is a key component of the drafting system, but the mixture of gases that you use are a
make it or break it moment. 100% CO2 gas pressure is the worst thing you can do as it further increases
oxidation once it comes in contact with the beer. Our preference is a clear 80%N2 + 20%CO2 gas
mixture. N2 molecules are much lighter and smaller than CO2, thus when in contact with the beer in the
keg the impact that they have on the quality is close to none.

Chilling Process

Last but not least, the chilling process is key in the quality delivered. That’s where our walk-in-fridge
comes in the equation. Properly stored and chilled for a minimum of 12 hours is our way of serving.
None the less, chilling of the beer in kegs is equally important as chilling of bottled beers. Having the
draft beer pre-chilled decreases the impact that the draft system chiller has on the quality of the beer as
the temperature fluctuation is minimal. Simply put, a room temperature beer chilled in an instant to a
temperature of 2-4 degrees won’t be the same quality as a pre-chilled beer to a cold temperature
worthy of a pour.

KeyKeg System

Taking it one step further is the KeyKeg system that we use for part of our tap offerings. KeyKegs are by
far the most sophisticated keg system when it comes to beers on tap. Their excellence is in the vacuum
pressure that is used to “squeeze” out the beer from the kegs without coming in direct contact with the
beer, contrary to the traditional kegs that directly “push” the beer out. Long story short, the beer
poured from a KeyKeg is exactly the same as a fresh pour straight from the brewing process once it is


From raw materials to end product is what our kitchen’s about. We avoid using plain,
commercially available ingredients and premade products as quality and fresh served dishes are our
goal. Having this in mind, the quantity of portions per day is limited for most of our menu, thus don’t
mind if we are sold out on some products during the day.


Summer Season

We love outdoors! Open space but isolated from the summer heat is where we pass
our summer time. Lighter types of beer and some refreshing fruity flavors are on our menu during this
season accompanied by some lighter dishes to cope with Skopje’s heat. Whether it is a DJ hosted party
or a classic selection of some all time incredible Rock and Roll, the Woodstock experience is

Winter Season

It’s the season when we migrate indoors. Whether you are up for a laid back cozy
atmosphere in our upper section, or down for a bar/club atmosphere, we got you covered. Retro
inspired, warm and cozy is the theme of our upper section where you can chill and enjoy to some rock
classics in the background. The 27’s Club is where we honor Rock and Roll and the icons by which this
club is named after. Underground feeling complemented with proper live gigs playing true in-your-face
Rock and Roll. Menu wise, during the winter season we put a greater emphasis on dark and stronger
beers complemented with winter type dishes.